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Lean Six Sigma High School-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Orlando

Learning LSS is not something that should be divided or separated into different ages as, contrary to what many people believe, students can also benefit from it, not only workers and professionals who have been in the industry or work area for a long time. As long as there are the right trainers and the teens in charge, it’s possible. This is not just about learning the methodology but also teaching practitioners the skills that are necessary to help students reap the full benefits of LSS. Our company Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Orlando High School Students of Florida, has a few experts who are willing to help high school students learn how to use the methodology in their future projects. In fact, this is part of our main goals and services.

It is important to understand that Six Sigma can only ever be used by a practitioner when it comes to implementation and not by a company or business overall.

High school students have the opportunity to reap the benefits of continuous growth, process improvement, waste reduction, lower costs, and being great experts after training if you consider the fact that they are the ones getting all the skills and knowledge from training. 

This is possible by making sure that students are able to understand the process and not just see it as an opportunity to learn more about theory and concepts.

Why is LSS education so important for high school students? Simple. They can develop leadership skills and add value to their curriculums because more industries and companies are looking for experts in this area.

If we focus on education, however, students have the opportunity to review and practice what they have learned over the years since their school years will not allow them to fully understand how cycles and processes work.

Our experience has taught us that great schools should be able to consider the best interests of students. This is why every school, school board, and educational institution should have a Sigma Program.

Students will be able to learn valuable tools that will improve their education as well as help them in the workplace. We can help you find Lean 6 Sigma training, even though it might seem hard because not all experts are ready to take on this challenge.

Our experts will provide information based on the chosen belt level and the outline of the program that you have chosen for yourself or for your students.

What High School Students Learn from Sigma?

All individuals need to have Yellow Belt Training and Certification to learn concepts and terminology. This level is more about reading and studying than actual practice and what students will learn will vary based on the belt they have chosen.

Students and institutions must decide if they want to be awarded the opportunity to set up a yellow belt program or if the Green Belt is what they need. However, this level of training can only be considered if the practitioner is a Yellow Belt, and thus, most schools will need to decide whether they are going to choose the yellow belt alone or go over both options.

There are more LSS belts available, but students should only have access to two since:

  • Advanced belts require experience in the management of companies and industries as well as implementation.
  • It is crucial to understand the process fully and learn valuable skills that will assist students in meeting their individual needs. Only the yellow and green belts will allow you to do this. This will teach you everything about the method and how it works.

We can help you create a program that will allow your students access to both certificates and training.

We will help you to work around the possibility of instilling a green or yellow belt.

If you don’t wish to wait at a school that’s not giving you the training and knowledge you need, you can apply for our training.

International Recognition Certificates

If you or other students successfully complete the course or training, they should be eligible to receive certification. What if the students don’t have their certifications, even if they were trained by experts? Because we know that some individuals or high schools have been trained by companies, we offer students the opportunity to take the exam.

LSS certification allows you to work in companies while earning credits towards your graduation. This certification is also an asset to any career path you choose.

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Orlando offers additional options for high school students and ensure that the certification is worth it.